Diseño de Sueños

Diseño de Sueños is a half-hour Spanish language television show which brings home professional interior design to viewers. Each week our designer will transform a room from top to bottom for a homeowner who never thought it possible.

The Hottest Trend in Television Just Got a Little More… ¡Caliente!

Movie stills from Diseño de Sueños
  • Diseño de Sueños gives viewers a chance to be a part of the fun - by suggesting someone deserving of a room makeover.
  • Diseño de Sueños will commit $2000, an experienced designer and an experienced craftsman to each project - changing rooms and changing lives in the process.
  • Diseño de Sueños brings professional interior design, energy and elegance to Spanish language lifestyle television.

Let Your Viewers and Your Advertisers Experience Diseño de Sueños

Movie stills from Diseño de Sueños
  • Latinas are looking for television programming the whole family can watch
  • Advertisers are looking for new ways to tap into Hispanic buying power
  • Diseño de Sueños gives you the opportunity to reach this market with a unique and engaging show.